01 January 2013

Welcome 2013

Happy 2013, temans...!! Time really flies yaaa... Semoga 2013 bisa lebih baik dari 2012, amiin :) Some significant plans are going to be made, if God's will then He'll open and smooth our way :) Thank you, 2012!! It was a tough year with tough decision, yet am grateful for all the blessing esp the great news in its last month :) Will update soon on this eventhough it's official :) Never thought (though sometimes i ran ib Sabuga a few years back) i will enjoy running like now and guess what i closed the year with 5 races! Yiihaaa...!!! Masih peer banget benerin napas yang ngos2an dan berat ini, but all in all i just love running dan seneng dengan support group TUMrunners ID :)) Taun depan mau fokus enjoy di 10K dulu belum berani plan buat yang berat2 hihihi :)) Again, welcome 2013! New year, new hope, new (better us). Happy New Yeaar *tiup terompet pasang kembang api* Cheers!