29 December 2009

Financial Planning Awareness

Do any of you aware of financial planning?
Me: Yep, of course lah…

Do any of you have some amount to be saved in your bank account regularly?
Me: I used to save remain of my income, but not regular and in uncertain nominal. But, since 2 years ago, I began to save it in certain amount every month in a bank account.

Next question: Do you still do it now?
Me: Of course… not anymore :p I withdrew all the money for my part of marriage budget :) BUT, now, I’m saving again, and this time in the investment account :D

What about you, guys? Hope this will help.

After being married, my beloved husband always remind me to do some budget planning and now I can tell you that at least I feel secure for our household financial. Why? Because we already had some important funds that we should have.

Emergency fund? Checked, around 6 times our household expenses and we’re planning to make it doubled since we’re going to have a baby next year.

Retirement fund for him and me? Checked, we’re manage to have our own pension planning and mine is faster for sure hihihihi…

Education fund? Checked for the planning (that’s what he usually do in front of the laptop everynight, to calculate what amount of budget we have to save whilst I’m doing my own research to know how much money to spend in every level of private school currently).

Insurance fund? Checked for both of us, but we’re planning to have a traditional one, not the unit-link that we’ve owned now. Thanks to the financial planners out there that has opened our mind (go googling to Safir's, Wina's and Akbar's).

Shopping fund? Checked for the planning. We plan to open one account for this fund.

Vacation fund? Not checked, hiks… We don’t have any money left for this now hahahaha, but we will have this fund soon.

Actually, I feel so damn late why I start of doing smart saving, now. Why didn’t I start earlier? Maybe I’m in Europe now hehehe… Well, but at least better late than never, right? One thing that I learnt from him, it is not important how much your salary right now, but it is important to plan your income now for the future. Hopefully he will be proud (Bul, i said proud, not ask you to buy it for me :p) of me having a top-up mutual fund investment rather than buy Mango’s bag/Zara’s flat shoes… Yay for me :)

...and Bul, I think you are very talented to be a financial planner. You have all my support :)
“If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin”


~ toppunch ~ said...

makasih juga krn udah jadi temen diskusi yang menyenangkan yah. Mmuaah...

Fitri said...

wah...kayaknya memang mantap nih crey sekarang, gue dukung 100%!

gue sendiri sih termasuk yang cukup bisa ngontorl pengeluaran vs penghasilan jadi tabungan lumayan ada....tapi gak pernah dibagi-bagi jadi detil seperti elo ini (emergency fund, pendidikan, insurance) hehe

dah bener2 jadi responsible parent nih, kerennnn!

meta said...

hebat banget family financial planningnya, jarang loh nemu pasangan muda awarenessnya tinggi kaya kamu. Iri juga karena aku bisa dibilang belum punya emergency fund, hiks...tapi first thing first-lah, hehe *damn KPR*

baca postingan kamu bikin semangat buat maksa nabung lebih banyak...thanks yaa